About Gingerbread University:

Decorating your own specialty Gingerbread was popularized by retired college professor and entrepreneur Frederick H. Terry Sr. on his centuries old family farm on Eastern Long Island, New York over two decades ago!  The inspiration for the business was to create a family friendly artistic activity that would enhance various holiday and special occasions.  The idea quickly caught on and has been duplicated by numerous large corporations who now offer a variety of commercial products via "big box" stores.    Despite It's success, Terry has preferred not to scale the concept, presently continuing with the popular localized venue -  truly a "one-of-a-kind" experience.  

Our Program: 


We provide freshly baked Old World Recipetm Gingerbread and Cookie products for decorating on-premises*, pick-up, and mail-order.  Kits include everything necessary to complete your project including, icing, candy, gift box, and copyrighted degree in Gingerbreadology!


To participate you will either need a reservation or schedule a take out order.

Please e-mail gingerbreaduniversity@gmail.com for all inquiries.

Allergy Information


We produce 2 types of dough at the University: A molasses flavored traditional gingerbread, and a harder, sweeter Speculas dough. Neither contain PEANUTS, but are not produced in a peanut-free facility. Both may contain EGGS. Our icing is made of pasteurized egg whites. Candy kits are made from branded, labeled candy which have specific ingredient lists. We make every effort to accommodate customers with special needs, disabilities or dietary restrictions and also offer gluten-free and egg-free options with notice.

For more information, email us at gingerbreaduniversity@gmail.com